The Best Experience Possible


MY Pediatrics welcomes newborns into our family and will be offering new mommy classes.  MY Pediatrics emphasizes prevention and empowering our patients with knowledge. 

We want to provide you a medical home, and our staff is full of evidence based advice.  MY Pediatrics is passionate about providing quality care for your infant and children.  

MY Pediatrics & Respiratory Care Clinic wants to make sure that you have the best experience possible in the hospital and following discharge.  We would like to be there for you during your delivery and during your child's growth and development.  We have provided the steps below to outline what you can expect from your health care providers through the delivery and after.   

Before Delivery: Notify the hospital staff that you plan to be followed by MY Pediatrics and Respiratory Care Clinic.  You can provide them with your Pediatrician's name.  

During Your Hospital Stay: The hospital pediatrician on-call for the day will examine your baby each morning that you are in the hospital and will visit with you after examining your baby. 
When Leaving the Hospital: At the time of discharge, the hospital’s doctor will let you know when to follow up with your pediatrician. Please request your child’s newborn discharge information from the hospital and bring this information to your first appointment with us so we can review it with you.  

We recommend that all newborns follow up within one to two days after discharge from the hospital.

To schedule this first visit with your primary care pediatrician, call us at (562) 491-9001 during office hours. Let the staff member know that you need to schedule a hospital follow up for a newborn baby and you will be scheduled for an appointment in 24-48 hours as requested (available seven days/week).